MSHA Part 48 Surface New Miner Training


* Price includes 10% processing fee.

This is a three, 8-hour day, live webcam course.

Course overview
HSI offers part 48 subpart B New Miner that covers surface, metal, nonmetal, and coal mines.

In order to enter a mine site, workers are required to take Part 48 Surface New Miner Training and conduct Refresher training each year.

Benefits of doing your MSHA training online:

  • No travel time
  • No hotel costs
  • Provides the best training right in the convenience of your office or home
  • Gain your MSHA certification from anywhere

All you’ll need in order to participate in the virtual classroom is:

  • An internet connection
  • Webcam and microphone

And if you’re not tech-savvy? Don’t worry, we will ensure that your setup will work properly after we run you through our systems check, prior to beginning the class.

More Details
*Approximate total time is 24 hours.
**English language proficiency required for Part 48 New Miner training.

If you need more information on these special course dates or are wondering how to get this course for more than one person, contact an MSHA Specialist at 1-844-468-6742 during business hours of 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST.

NOTE: This is an instructor proctored online course, you will need a microphone and webcam to complete the training. We will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your session.

Course Rules: These are intended to limit unnecessary distractions and provide everyone with the best possible training.

  1. Professional Conduct
    • Vivid Learning Systems has zero tolerance for vulgar language, offensive behaviors, harassment, intimidation, or threats.
  2. Time Management
    • Classes are Tuesday through Thursday from 6am to 3pm Pacific Time with a 30 minute lunch
    • Breaks – ~15mins during the morning and ~15mins during the afternoon
    • Anyone not in class by 6am – Will not be permitted to enter class and will be asked to reschedule
    • Anyone late coming back from break – Will not receive a 5000-23
    • Anyone late coming back from lunch – Will not receive a 5000-23
  3. Personal Electronics
    • Cellphones or other electronic devices are not permitted during class, but may be used during breaks and lunch.
  4. Other
    • Please schedule conference calls and web meetings on your own time or during a typical work day.