Vivid Course Titles


Occupational Safety & Health

Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety**

Asbestos Hazard Awareness**

Back Care and Injury Prevention

Basic First Aid**

Basic Respiratory Protection*

Behavior-Based Safety*

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)**

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)*

Chemical Safety*

Chlorine Safety

Cold Stress*

Compressed Gas Safety*

Confined Spaces Entry – Permit Required*

Confined Spaces*

Criticality Safety

Distracted Driving*

Driver Safety**

Electrical Safety**

Emergency Response*

Excavation, Trenching and Shoring Safety

Fire Safety**

Flammable Liquid Safety*

Forklift Operator*

Formaldehyde Safety

Hand and Power Tools**

Hand Safety**

Hazard Communication**

Hearing Conservation*

Heat Stress*

Hot Work with Arc Welding**

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety*

Incident Investigation

Indoor Air Quality

Industrial Ergonomics**

Laboratory Safety

Ladder Safety**

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Lead Awareness*

Lock and Tag**

Machine Guarding**

Office Ergonomics**

OSHA Work-Related Injury and Illness Recordkeeping

Overhead and Gantry Crane Safety**

Personal Fall Arrest Systems*

Personal Protective Equipment**

Portable Fire Extinguisher

Powered Industrial Trucks

Process Safety Management

Radio Communications

Safe Driving Behaviors for Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs)*

Safety Audits

Scaffold Safety*

Slips, Tips, and Falls**

Traffic Control (Flagger)

Forklift Operator

Lesson 1 – Fundamentals**

Lesson 2 – Stability and Capacity**

Lesson 3 – Load Handling**

Lesson 4 – Safe Driving Practices**

Lesson 5 – Safety Standards**

Lesson 6 – Inspection & Maintenance**

Environmental Management

Air Emissions Management

Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)*

Environmental Management

Hazardous Waste Management

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures

Storm Water Management

Wastewater and Storm Water Management

Hazardous Waste Operations

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 8-hr Refresher (HAZWOPER)


Electrical Safety Work Practices and Standards

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Employment Law

Absences from the Workplace

AIDS in the Workplace

Computer Security

Disability in the Workplace

Discrimination-Free Workplace

Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace

Employee Concerns


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Hiring and Lawful Termination

Responsible Use of Social Media

Safe Remote and Mobile Computer Training

Violence in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment for Employees

Sexual Harassment for Managers

California Sexual Harassment for Supervisors (2 hour, CA AB 1825)

Electric Worker Training (29 CFR 1910.269)

Communications Facilities

Electrical Clearances

Enclosed Spaces


General Concepts


Hand and Portable Power Tools

Hazardous Energy Control Procedures

Job Briefings

Ladders, Platforms, Step Bolts, and Manholes

Line Clearance Tree Trimming

Mechanical Equipment

Medical Services and First Aid

Overhead Lines

Overhead Lines with Live-Line Bare-Hand Work

Personal Protective Equipment

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Power Generation

Special Conditions and Material Handling


Testing and Test Facilities

Underground Electrical Installations

Vault and Pole-Top Rescue

Working On or Near Exposed, Energized Parts

Utility Safety

Bucket Rescue

Dog-Attack Prevention


Sling Safety

Working with Self-Contained Meters

Power Generation, Industrial Maintenance and Instrumentation & Electrical – Please inquire to learn more.

Gas Operations – Please inquire to learn more.

Radiation Worker Training

Basic Radiation Safety

Fluoroscopy Safety

Fundamentals of Radiation Safety

Requirements for Shipping Radioactive Instruments and Articles

X-Ray Safety Awareness

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Radiation Worker Refresher Training

Fluoroscopy Refresher

Radiation Safety Refresher Training – Fundamentals

Part 46 New Miner

Line of Authority (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)

Emergency Procedures

Statutory Rights

Hazard Recognition and Avoidance

Reporting Hazards

Health and Safety Aspects of Assigned Tasks (PDF)


Part 46 New Miner

Emergency Procedures

First Aid

Hazard Communication

Hazard Recognition and Avoidance

Respiratory Protection

Statutory Rights

Part 48 New Miner

Emergency Medical Procedures

First Aid, Hazard Communication

Hazard Recognition

Respiratory Protection


Transportation & Communication Systems

Ground Control

Electrical Safety

Part 48 Refresher

Hazard Communication (Part 47)

Escape, Evacuation and Emergencies

First Aid

Primary Prevention

Respiratory Protection

Statutory Rights

Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP) – for Managers (15 modules)

Introduction to HACCP

Prerequisites to HACCP

Biological Hazards and Controls

Chemical Hazards and Controls

Physical Hazards and Controls

Initial and Preliminary Tasks

Hazard Analysis

Critical Control Points

Critical Limits

Monitoring Critical Control Points

Corrective Actions

Verification Procedures


Organizing and Managing HACCP Programs

HACCP and the Regulatory Agencies

Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP) – for Operators (13 modules)

Introduction to HACCP**

Prerequisites to HACCP**

Biological Hazards and Controls**

Chemical Hazards and Controls**

Physical Hazards and Controls**

Initial and Preliminary Tasks**

Hazard Analysis**

Critical Control Points**

Critical Limits**

Monitoring Critical Control Points**

Corrective Actions**

Verification Procedures**


Best Practices for CMV Drivers

Adverse Conditions and Emergency Situations

Changing Lanes and Passing

Curves, Turns, and Downgrades

Pedestrians and Passengers

Right-of-Way and Intersections

Start-Up, Back-Up, and Parking Procedures

Cargo Securement for Drivers, 11 Course Bundle – Please inquire to learn more.
Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA)

Drivers Bundle (Hazmat – 8 Courses)

Drivers Bundle (Non-Hazmat – 7 Courses)

Manager’s Bundle (10 Courses)

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Department of Transportation (DOT Course Library)

Driver’s Guide to CDL Requirements

Driver’s Guide to Driving CMVs

Driving Commercial Motor Vehicles: Rules of the Road

Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training

Financial Responsibility for Passenger-Carrying

Motor Carriers

Financial Responsibility for Property-Carrying Motor Carriers

Hazardous Materials General Awareness

Hazmat Security Awareness for Drivers

Hazmat Security Awareness for Shippers and Carriers

Hours of Service for Oilfield Operations

Motor Carrier General Applicability: Who and When

Training for Drivers of HAZMAT Shipments

Training for Offerors of Bulk and Non-bulk Hazmat Packages

Training for Offerors of Non-bulk Hazmat Packages

Whistleblower Protection (Transportation)

Age Specific Competencies

Adult Years

Infant to Toddler Years

School Age Years

Bereavement (CE credits available)

Caring for the Family Experiencing Perinatal Death

Communicating with the Bereaved

Theoretical Framework of Grief

HIPAA for Business Associates

HIPAA Privacy & Security Course Pack (Privacy &

Confidentiality and Security of EPHI)

Complying with HIPAA

HIPAA for Covered Entities

HIPAA Privacy & Security Course Pack (Privacy &

Confidentiality and Security of EPHI)

Complying with HIPAA

HIPAA for Hybrid Entities

Complying with HIPAA

Medical Mandatory

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

AIDS in the Workplace

Back Care Ergonomics

Bloodborne Pathogens for Supervisors

Bloodborne Pathogens for Workers

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Electrical Safety

Fire Safety & Patient Evacuation

Hazard Communication

Latex Allergy

Lifting and Transferring Patients

Patient Rights

Personal Protective Equipment

Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare

Restraint and Seclusion

Security and Workplace Violence

Sexual Harassment

Tuberculosis Protection for Workers

Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare

Workplace Violence Prevention

Medical Best Practices

Medicare Compliance & The False Claims Act

Red Flags – Clinical

Red Flags – Non-Clinical

Specialty-Specific Medical Coding

Diagnostic Radiology


Interventional Radiology

Invasive Cardiology

Evaluation & Management

Infusions & Injections

Pain Management

Radiation Oncology

Physician Academy

Construction Safety

Confined Spaces Entry – Permit Required

Electrical Safety

Fall Protection

Hand and Power Tools

Hazard Communication & Health Hazards


Personal Protective Equipment

Scaffold Safety

Stairways and Ladders

Trenching and Excavation

OSHA 10 Outreach Program (1926)

OSHA 30 Outreach Program (1926)