Customer-servicesWhen people think of a buyer’s agent, they think middle man…an unnecessary third party that adds expense and the potential for issues.  After all, most advertising you see in the world tells you to buy direct for the best experience.  But is that really the case?  Let’s take a look at what a customer actually wants from their vendors and how a buyer’s agent matches up.  You may be surprised how a buyer’s agent can exceed your requirements.

Budget Friendliness – Working with a buyer’s agent can actually save you money.  An agent is able to negotiate the best pricing on your behalf.  A buyer’s agent may also have access to better pricing since they are taking the work of supporting the client directly off of the vendor.  In a way, working with agents saves the vendors support costs and allows them to focus on making product.  Everyone wins, especially your wallet.

Selection – A buyer’s agent is able to offer you more than one vendor’s product.  You have the benefit of working with a single point of contact while accessing training materials from a variety of sources.  You can also easily mix and match training resources from multiple vendors.  Best of all, your agent isn’t pushing you into a product like a vendor might, they are looking to find the best product for you.

Customer Service and Support – This is where a buyer’s agent can really shine, as they are building an ongoing relationship with you to help you in the long haul.  A buyer’s agent is your point of contact to call anytime you have a need or an issue arises.  They are there to go to bat for you if a problem occurs with a vendor and will work to resolve it in any way possible.

Ease of Doing Business – Since you are able to review and select product from a single contact the buying process is streamlined.  The buyer’s agent is in the background working on your behalf – from negotiating pricing to working on your product implementation – taking work load off of your shoulders and allowing you to get on with the rest of your to-do list.  Your buyer’s agent makes it easier on you to get the training program you need and saves you time while doing it.

Peace of Mind – A buyer’s agent has your back.  If something is amiss you have a dedicated representative to contact, and your agent is there to resolve your issue no matter what it takes.  A buyer’s agent also holds the vendor accountable, ensuring your needs are met 100%.

Not only does working with a buyer’s agent help you get the best training program possible, it helps ease the burden of finding and selecting your safety training.  A buyer’s agent can also save you time and money.  Best of all, you form a relationship with your agent that crosses time and products.  They help you implement your training program, support you through the lifetime of the program, and when it’s time to make a change they help you find the next resource and make the transition as seamless as possible.

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