We turn the clocks ahead one hour on Sunday March 13.  Daylight savings time is a good time to conduct other spring safety check-ups on and off-the-job.

  • Fire prevention – Check your fire prevention systems. Make sure fire detectors have batteries and are in good working order.  Check fire extinguishers to make sure they haven’t expired.
  • Safe Lifting Techniques – Spring cleaning on and off the job can lead to muscle sprains and strains and back injuries. Everyone should practice safety lifting techniques to prevent costly and agonizing injuries.
  • Heat and Cold Stress – It’s that time of year that weather conditions can change from one minute to the next. Make sure workers are properly equipped for the temperatures in their working environment at all times.
  • General Hazard Awareness – No matter if you work indoors or outdoors, conditions are changing. Not to mention a quarterly refresher on general hazards and best safety practices is never a bad thing for your workforce.  With old man winter leaving town, take an assessment of what hazards have changed and address those in your next training session.

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