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It can be an uncomfortable, disturbing, and unsettling topic… but for us in the safety world, it needs to be talked about. In 2018 alone, there have been 154 cases of active shooters in the United States… and though the statistical odds of being caught in an active-shooter situation are very low, your facility should have clear emergency plans and protocols for such a scenario. And the latest program from our trusted partner, SafetySkills, will help you do just that.

Think of is this way – you have fire drills, severe weather actions, and health emergency needs, so why not prepare your employees for another, more dangerous workplace danger?

Here’s a quick summary on SafetySkills’ NEW program, Active Shooter: Run, Hide, Fight – Endorsed by the United States Department of Homeland Security, the “run, hide, fight” strategy was developed by the city government of Houston, TX and is as simple as it sounds:

  1. RUN – If at all possible, run away from the shooter.
  2. HIDE – If you cannot run, find a safe place to hide and barricade yourself inside.
  3. FIGHT – If you can neither run nor hide, be prepared to fight.

We know it’s tough to talk about, but an emergency plan can be the key to survival in an active shooter situation. Your employees should know the location of all emergency exits and consider where they could shelter in the event of an emergency.

Make sure your employees know what to do – click here to get your downloadable print-out to post in your workplace.

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