RSV Fully Remote FA/CPR/AED Training


RSV is a new option that gives you the freedom to offer blended training with live, online remote skills verification. With RSV, students benefit from real-time feedback and guidance from instructors to correctly demonstrate the required skills and complete certification. RSV is remote and handled entirely through your online platform.

How RSV Works:
RSV is a fully-integrated portal that delivers remote hands-on skills verification with blended training options, available 24-7 through your online platform. HSI handles the scheduling, email notifications and digital certification delivery upon completion. You choose which RSV options makes the most sense for you and your students.  It’s as easy as:  Selecting a course for your student and entering their information Choosing a hands-on skills component delivery method Conducting the live, online hands-on skills verification

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the manikins shipped? 
FedEx Ground and we include a return label.

How are the manakins sanitized? 
All of our manikins are quarantined for 5 days once we receive them back. (With travel time this could be between 6-14 days since someone has touched it). We then sanitize them using COVID killing chemicals and Ultraviolet light. The manikins are then put in a clean box, sealed, and are ready for the next shipment. In reality, at least 14 days would elapse before consecutive students would ever touch the same manikin and they are sterilized two different ways.

Do you have an estimated length of time it takes an employee to complete the cognitive portion? 
1.5- 2.5 hours, depending on which class is selected and the experience of the student.

Does this training fall right into the employees training queue, along with other (EHS) trainings once purchased? 
It does exist in a different system than their safety training, but it looks almost identical. Students are emailed a link to the training site. They self-register, complete the cognitive portion and then provide their mailing address for the shipping of the manikin.

Once this cognitive portion is completed, how long does it take to schedule the hands portion, and how is that coordinated along with the arrival of the manikin? 
It takes minutes, is done 100% online using the link in their email. For example, if they schedule for March 15th, their manikin will be shipped 10 days ahead of their skills session (March 5th) so it reaches their location ahead of time.

Is there a maximum number of days we can keep the manikin for training? 
It is meant to be used by one student and returned immediately after their scheduled skill session.

Will the employee receive a certificate or training card displaying their completion and what will it say? 
The card will say ASHI or Medic depending on what program they use. They get a digital card once they complete the skills portion.

Is there an expiration date that these credits need to be used by? 
There is no expiration date on the credits.