Need help updating your training or looking for something new? Well, we have a new offering that could help you shake up your safety training! Called Micro-Learning, this approach has the potential to transform your safety and regulatory compliance training by offering much shorter courses than the norm.

Here’s a little background: Safety training is typically an “event-oriented” activity that takes place during work hours, such as going to a class, taking an online course, or watching a video. The micro-learning approach brings to the table the option of shorter training sessions that can easily be fit into your employees’ work days, keeping productivity high. Micro-learning works to challenge and improve upon three goals brought on by traditional training methods:

  1. Training employees when and where they need it
  2. Keeping high engagement levels in the training process
  3. Getting the information to be retained by employee

Can micro-learning do this better? Take a peek at what Micro-Learning aims to do for employees:

  • Save time – Courses are 3-5 minutes long, the optimal length for information retention
  • Take anywhere, anytime – Micro-courses are designed with device-responsiveness in mind, so training can be delivered to an employee’s cell phone and taken anywhere, anytime
  • Increase productivity – The short session of 3-5 minutes of training can easily fit into a workday without affecting productivity
  • Revamp old training – Incorporate training as an ongoing part of your employees’ daily routine, taking one micro-course a day, every day, for a fresh training experience for employees

Need more training time? Topics that require more than 3-5 minutes of information, such as regulatory compliance training, micro-courses can be organized into curricula. By completing the entire curricula, an employee can fulfill the entire training requirement.

Micro-learning is an exciting new option in the safety training world, and you need to learn more about it! Give us a shout and let’s talk about your options!