When virtual reality training first came on the scene in the early 2000s it was bulky, awkward and ridiculously expensive. As in, you better have a dowry and give a pint of blood expensive.

Today’s virtual reality (VR) is worth a second look. From the stand-alone headsets to the software platform advancements, virtual reality provides a truly compelling user experience at an accessible and affordable price point. According to a recent article in Forbes, Worldwide, VR market volume is expected to reach 98.4 million sales by 2023, generating an installed base of 168 million units with a worldwide population penetration of 2%.

The applications for VR in the health and safety training space give organizations a better way to conduct hands-on training for critical training topics. With VR you can train more people, more efficiently.

Virtual Reality EH&S Training Applications
Hands-on training is known to be the most effective way to train employees on topics such as confined space entry, hazardous waste, fire prevention, fall arrest training, emergency response, scaffolding and ladders, and lockout/tagout. However, it can be costly and time-consuming to take your entire workforce off-the job and on-site to a training location to run scenario-based training.

VR training, however, brings the live scenario to you. With VR you don’t have to compromise the effectiveness of hands-on training, and can achieve similar results right in your classroom.

VR training from Evolved Safety Training can be conducted independently or with an instructor present, enabling remote training, team collaboration, or even competition. This groundbreaking VR training provides first-to-market Multi-User Functionality allowing up to dozens of trainees to learn, practice, and interact at the same time, in the same environment — from any end-point in the world.

VR training software can be run on a wide variety of the most popular VR hardware platforms.

Other features include:

  • Choose to randomize or repeat scenarios
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Customize existing scenarios or design a custom training experience

Get Started with VR Training
VR training enhances any existing training program, complimenting your existing classroom and online training. You can train more people, faster, and more efficiently. The immersive technology experience resonates with today’s workforce and creates a comprehensive and incomparable training experience.

Talk to Evolved Safety about how to implement VR training into your current or 2020 training plan. Give us a call at 844.528.4486 or email info@evolvedsafety.com.

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