Evolved Safety is thrilled to announce the launch of our comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention programs, designed in alignment with the Cal/OSHA legislation set to take effect on July 1, 2024. While rooted in California’s compliance framework, these programs are universally applicable and offer a critical resource for organizations seeking to proactively safeguard their employees. According to the National Safety Council, workplace violence imposes a staggering annual cost of $171 billion on the country, employers, and individuals. By providing a solid set of tools and knowledge, we aim to significantly mitigate these risks, particularly in industries known for their volatility, such as healthcare, retail, services, and transportation.

Key Components of Our Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

Creating a Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Our programs guide employers through developing and implementing a written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan that is comprehensive and accessible to all employees. The plan includes:

    • A system for identifying and evaluating workplace hazards.
    • Methods to correct unsafe conditions and practices promptly.
    • An occupational health and safety training program tailored to specific workplace hazards.
    • Strategies to ensure employee adherence to safety practices.
    • Employee participation in plan development and hazard correction.
    • Procedures for reporting, investigating, and responding to workplace violence incidents without fear of retaliation.
    • Emergency response and post-incident investigation protocols.

Integration with Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Requirements Beyond violence prevention, our programs also encompass the broader scope of occupational safety by integrating with California’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) standards. This includes:

    • Establishing effective communication systems for safety and health matters.
    • Conducting periodic inspections to identify new or unrecognized hazards.
    • Ensuring employees have access to injury and illness reports within five business days of a request.

Comprehensive Employee Training

A cornerstone of our programs is the emphasis on thorough employee training. Our mobile-friendly course teaches employees the major causes and types of workplace violence, their warning signs, and how to prevent it. The course covers:

  • Identify types of workplace violence and high-risk occupations
  • Recognize behaviors and symptoms that could lead to violence
  • Identify measures in workplaces that can help prevent workplace violence

Why Choose Evolved Safety Programs?

  • Expertise and Compliance: Our programs are designed to meet Cal/OSHA’s new legislative requirements, ensuring your business is compliant and at the forefront of workplace safety.
  • Customizable Solutions: We understand that each workplace is unique. Our programs offer flexible, tailored solutions that address your environment’s specific needs and challenges.
  • Comprehensive Support: From planning to implementation and beyond, Evolved Safety provides end-to-end support to ensure your Workplace Violence Prevention Plan is effective, up-to-date, and seamlessly integrated with your IIPP.

With workplace safety more critical than ever, Evolved Safety’s new Workplace Violence Prevention programs offer a proactive approach to safeguarding employees against violence. Our commitment to compliance, customization, and comprehensive support positions us as your ideal partner in creating a safer, healthier workplace for everyone.

Ready to elevate your workplace safety standards? Contact Evolved Safety today to discuss how our Workplace Violence Prevention programs can benefit your organization.